Courses Offered

We, at Speakwel Institute of English Language, offer a complete choice of courses which include Interviews Preparation, Group Discussions & Personality Development, for Competitive Exams and Advanced Classes.
Courses Duration Contents
English Language & Speaking 3 Months Grammar, Vocabulary, translation, speaking.
Group Discussion & Interview Techniques 1 to 3 months Small groups, daily sessions, one to one interviews conducted by experts.
Elocution and public speaking 1 to 3 months Speech writing and speaking
Group discussion & debates 1 to 3 months General Proficiency in discussing on varied subjects with a focus on job placements.
Beginner's and Advanced Courses 3 months Day to day speaking, pronunciation, grammar, translation and vocabulary training.
Creative writing 1 to 3 months Developing writing skills focusing on feature writing, report  writing, essay and story writing.
Computer aided language course 1 to 3 months With the latest British and American teaching systems.
Personality development 1 months Special course on attire. Attitude, cv management, speaking and confidence building.
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Language, no doubt is a boon we are endowed with, and it is for us to make the best use of this priceless asset.
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