Why Speakwel


  1. Course – Well-researched and well-compiled course material designed to meet particular needs at particular level.
  2. Faculty – Highly committed and focused.
  3. Experience – A proven track record of 20 year’s experience in teaching.
  4. Beginner's Class – We also help those who remain silent when others speak in English or those who run out of words when speaking English.
  5. Advanced Class – We also help those who can speak English well enough but still want to explore the beauty of this rich language.
  6. Small Group – Where every student gets his own space and time.
  7. Methodology – Highly interactive and fully charged classroom sessions where students learn, discuss, argue and even shout happily.
  8. Competitive Exams – Our simplified vocabulary and grammar sessions make difficult words and concepts interesting and easy.
  9. Group discussions & personality development – We not only care for what you know but also how well you can express it. Hence our GD sessions are designed to help you express your thoughts assertively and persuasively.
  10. Interviews – Specific one to one talks with students with focus on the job and the company-conducted by experts.
  • 80 percent of the world’s electronically stored information is in English. Three quarters of the world’s mail is written in English. It helps to surf the net, visit chat-rooms and go shopping.
  • Around one billion people are learning English as a foreign language.

Years of Excellence

Language, no doubt is a boon we are endowed with, and it is for us to make the best use of this priceless asset.